Imagine what kids could accomplish with strong and healthy attitudes

If you're tired of the negativity, drama, and stress in the classroom, then let's do something about it. Quit wasting your time trying to put out fires between your students. Let us teach them the skills to process the negativity, eliminate the drama, get along with each other, and not allow it to drag them down. We give them skills to become participants in building a healthy learning environment.

Kelli Thompson


Elbert D200

“Saving the life of a child makes this program priceless!  Elbert School District is forever grateful for the implementation of the character program, as it was instrumental in bringing to attention a child who was contemplating  suicide.  Without the thoroughness of this program and the depth of thought it walks the adolescents through, this family could have been living with tragedy.  However, instead with the insight and quick action of the teacher, we were able to intervene and forever change the life of this child and his family for the better.”

An ROI you can't pass up

You have invested a lot of time, energy, and money in providing your students a great education. To receive the most out of their education, they also need outstanding mental and emotional skills. Invest in those skills and don't assume they already have them. Studies show that for every dollar you invest in life skills, there is an eleven-dollar return. That is worth investing in!

See change as an opportunity

We teach teens how to see change coming and prepare for it. The students who will lead tomorrow have to know how to deal with change today. We will teach them a clear, effective, and repeatable way to deal with the changes that will be a major part of their lives. Your whole student body can learn how to navigate change proactively.

He’s one of the most talented writers & entertaining speakers I’ve ever come across. He has successfully navigated every life challenge and always leads by example.  
Rick Reding - Business Development

Prepare the next generation to succeed

Don't assume your students have the life skills necessary to navigate their world successfully. So often, when people struggle or fail, it's because they can't do something, not that they won't.  We have resources that can change the lives of teens and help them become healthy young adults.

Stories are a great way to learn.

The Apprentice is an excellent example of how Timothy uses stories to teach. It will capture your imagination from the first paragraph as you get drawn into a story with which everyone can identify.

The story follows the unexpected journey of a young apprentice named Hans, who is forced to leave home and learn that there is more to life than he thought.

The Apprentice teaches empathy, emotional intelligence, character, and how to make wise choices in one's life and relationships. A free discussion guide is available.

Timothy Buchanan


Timothy delivers his training based on decades of teaching. His style will set you at ease as he uses illustrations and stories to demystify complex life concepts.


After teaching and creating classes in an MBA program for 15 years, Timothy will give you solid life skills based on research and working with thousands of students.


You will learn useful ways to deal with old and new problems. Timothy's teaching will leave you amazed because he is a master of making the complicated simple. He walks you through every step of an issue.


Timothy's training is always right in step with the challenges you are facing. He is in sync with the cultural and social issues of today. You will always have cutting-edge skills with his training.


In order to excel in education and life, students need life skills that will bring results. Timothy taught leadership at the graduate level for over a decade, knows the skills teens need, and will show them how to start using them now.

Step By Step

Through online courses, books, and in-person training, Timothy walks teens through the steps they need to succeed. You'll find the skills students learn from him can be used over and over again in many areas of your life and future career.

My  Approach



After teaching for 15 years in the MBA program at Regis University in Denver, Timothy brings a wealth of knowledge to his training. He has collaborated in curriculum design with some of the best experts in leadership, performance management, change, and systems thinking.


Because of a systems approach to problem-solving, Timothy will help you consider all the implications of designing and implementing solutions for your staff or students. He listens carefully to the issues and then works with you to come up with a solution that works. His clients rave about the practical solutions he provides.


Timothy's clients get the best of both worlds. Instead of getting just a trainer or consultant, you can have both. He can provide solutions that are a combination of training and insightful consulting to ensure you and your students have the right solutions along with training that gives you the ability to implement and sustain them.


Timothy is a master storyteller and he uses that skill to write and teach effectively. He has an uncanny ability to take the most complex concepts and put them within reach of anyone through illustrations and metaphors. You not only learn from his training, but you will remember the lessons for the rest of your life.


When you combine Timothy's knowledge with his remarkable ability to use stories, you have a memorable speaker for your school, retreat, assembly, or any other event where you want to have a speaker that will not only entertain but also teach your team valuable lessons they can use.


Whether you need services in-person, online, or a combination, Timothy is equipped, flexible, and ready to help you.

Let's connect and make the lives of teens and young adults better.