There are FOUR things costing you a fortune right now!

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Stress is off the charts in every area of people's lives and it's gutting productivity.


People are afraid and they won't move forward until they feel safe.


Lack of leadership during change is a real show stopper for employees


This is a number one attitude killer and it can shut your business down.

With the right training, your employees can get engaged even while the pandemic is going on.

Get A Helathy Perspective

Fear and anger are talking over people's lives today. Until they are set free from this, they will be paralyzed in the workplace.

Conquer Stress

The longer people are unable to manage their stress the more of them will quit, retire, or burnout. No one can afford that!

Shut Off Negativity

Negativity has become a secondary pandemic during this time and it is draining the productivity out of your business .

Navigate Change

You need to know how to navigate change successfully so your team will follow you with confidence.

When times are chaotic, you need a clear framework to guide people through all the issues.

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THRIVE will give you a framework to:

Increase engagement 

Build a positive outlook

Reduce negative undercurrents .

Demonstrate clear leadership in change

Provide a healthy understanding of the change process

Create a clear plan for moving forward

Customer Success

What people say

Tim has become a mentor and friend; someone I can go to for sound advice on a broad variety of topics.  I am excited to see that he has taken the initiative to help organizations bounce back from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.  I am certain that Tim will do a masterful job of helping individuals and their companies to get back on the fast track to productivity.

Ted CollasTed CollasColorado Springs Fire Chief (retired)

"Tim's background and experience are a wonderful complement to the content of this training program. I have personally benefited from Tim's invaluable consultation for a critical decision we needed to make in one of our businesses. He is empowering business leaders everywhere to take action and leverage their agency to positively impact their future path with this offering. There is no better time than now to benefit from his expertise on these important topics."

Janelle BanatJanelle BanatExecutive Coach and Founder, Footlamp Consulting, LLC

When I think about creative innovators, Tim always comes to mind.  He’s one of the most talented writers & entertaining speakers I’ve ever come across. He has successfully navigated every life challenge and always leads by example.  If you are facing leadership challenges that make you pause or blink, not knowing which way to go, Tim’s just the problem solver you need to walk with you through it to the other side.

Rick RedingRick RedingBusiness Development

What You'll Learn

How to have a winning perspective

  • Your power to choose
  • How fear holds you back
  • How destructive anger can be
  • How to find your courage
  • How to be hopeful again

How to take control of stress

  • What causes stress
  • How to measure your stress
  • How much is too much
  • The cost of quitting
  • How to conquer stress

How to get free from negativity

  • How negativity hurts you
  • The five measures of negative influence
  • The danger of drama in the workplace
  • How to build healthy boundaries
  • Getting free from bias

Successfully Navigate Change:

  • How to get the energy for change
  • The key to unlocking change
  • How to make room for change
  • Being yourself in change
  • What innovation is and how to use it
  • Being prepared for the future

THRIVE for Entrepreneurs

Whether you own a small business or are a professional at a large company, this is the version of THRIVE is made for you. You can learn these graduate level professional skills to navigate you through this present pandemic and out the other side. 

THRIVE for Business

If you have a business with 10-5000 employees, this is the version you want. THRIVE for business is sold directly and takes advantage of a group rate. Remember, the more people you can train, the faster your business will recover and THRIVE.

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THRIVE for Education

Having taught my whole life, we want to help schools, teachers, and administrators to THRIVE again. A whole generation is counting on you and we want to help. Contact us for special educational pricing.

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Timothy Buchanan

As an award winning affiliate faculty member in the graduate business program of a major western university for 15 years, Timothy's teaching expertise is in leadership, behavior, performance management, communication, and change. Timothy has trained, spoken, and consulted for national and international companies across the western hemisphere. His clients come to Timothy for his innovative solutions because he propels their businesses forward. His concepts will not only help you Thrive and get beyond this present crisis, but you’ll find yourself using what you learn from him over and over again.