• Keep Clear
  • Keep Dear
  • Keep Near

You’ve come up with some great company VALUES, but how do you keep them alive, vibrant, visible, and effective in determining the operation and direction of your company or organization?


  • Know Them
  • Show Them
  • Grow Them

You’ve spent a lot of time and money hiring and training your PEOPLE. Protect that investment by being sure your leaders and managers know how to help maximize each person’s potential.


  • Think Outward
  • Train Inward
  • Move Forward

You have to be sure that your people understand the PURPOSE of your company or organization and can make it happen on the front lines, day in and day out. It takes everyone to successfully move your organization forward!


 I have personally benefited from Tim's invaluable consultation for a critical decision we needed to make in one of our businesses. He is empowering business leaders everywhere to take action and leverage their agency to positively impact their future path with this offering.

Janelle BanetJanelle BanetExecutive Coach and Founder, Footlamp Consulting, LLC

Timothy's energy and enthusiasm for teaching leadership principles were matched only by his understanding and ability to apply the subject matter. He will do a masterful job of helping individuals and their companies to get back on the fast track to productivity.

Ted CollasTed CollasColorado Springs Fire Chief (retired)

He’s one of the most talented writers & entertaining speakers I’ve ever come across. He has successfully navigated every life challenge and always leads by example.  If you are facing leadership challenges that make you pause or blink, not knowing which way to go, Tim’s just the problem solver you need to walk with you through it to the other side.

Rick RedingRick RedingBusiness Development



After teaching for 15 years in the MBA program at Regis University in Denver, Timothy brings a wealth of knowledge to his training. He has collaborated in curriculum design with some of the best experts in leadership, performance management, change, and systems thinking.


Because of a systems approach to problem-solving, Timothy will help you consider all the implications of designing and implementing solutions for your business, career, or organization. He listens carefully to the issues and then works with you to come up with a solution that works. His clients rave about the practical solutions he provides.

Hybrid Approach

Timothy's clients get the best of both worlds. Instead of getting just a trainer or consultant, you can have both. He can provide solutions that are a combination of training and insightful consulting to ensure you and your team have the right solutions along with training that gives you the ability to implement and sustain them.


Timothy is a master storyteller and he uses that skill to write and teach effectively. He has an uncanny ability to take the most complex concepts and put them within reach of anyone through illustrations and metaphors. You not only learn from his books, but you will remember the lessons for the rest of your life.


When you combine the knowledge Timothy has with his great ability to use stories, you have a memorable speaker for your conference, company retreat, or any other event where you want to have a speaker that will not only entertain but also teach your team valuable lessons they can use.


Whether you need services in-person, online, or a combination, Timothy is equipped, flexible, and ready to help you.


The Candlestick Wars

In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to have a great product or service. You also have to know how to connect with your customers. Learn seven guiding principles that will guide your business to success both now and in the future.

The Apprentice

For everyone who's found difficulty on the way to their dream, this is a story of encouragement and hope. The road is not always easy, or the pathway clear, but never stop believing in the journey you are on. This is a wonderful story teaching how to manage life, relationships, and expectations. Great for all ages! This is the first book of a trilogy.

Values Based Success

This is great for new hires, personal improvement plans, and anyone wanting to sharpen their values in order to be more successful. Each lesson in this FULL-COLOR EDITION uses models and exercises to help the reader learn cognitive strategies for life. The overall goal is to grow in communication, civility, compassion, and building community. Retention exercises of goal setting, journaling, and self-reflection help the student convert the concepts into life skills. The twelve lessons covered are Self Control, Responsibility, Patience, Time Management, Honesty, Mental Toughness, Persistence, Teachability, Courage, Self Discipline, Respect, and Attention to Detail.


Timothy Buchanan

As an award winning affiliate faculty member in the graduate business program of a major western university for 15 years, Timothy's teaching expertise is in leadership, behavior, performance management, communication, and change. Timothy has trained, spoken, and consulted for national and international companies across the western hemisphere. His clients come to Timothy for his innovative solutions because he propels their businesses forward. His concepts will not only help you Thrive and get beyond this present crisis, but you’ll find yourself using what you learn from him over and over again.


Timothy delivers his training based on decades of experience teaching adults. His style will set you at ease as he uses illustrations and stories to demystify complex business and life concepts.


After teaching and creating classes in an MBA program for 15 years, Timothy will give you top-level skills. No matter what your education or experience, you will learn executive-level skills in every course he teaches.


You will learn useful ways to deal with old and new problems. Timothy's teaching will leave you amazed because he is a master of making the complicated simple. He walks you through every step of an issue.


Timothy's training is always right in step with the challenges you are facing. He is in sync with the cultural, market, and corporate needs of today. You will always have cutting edge professional skills with his training.


In order to excel in the workplace, you need life and business skills that will bring results. Timothy taught leadership at the graduate level for over a decade, knows the skills you need, and will train you to use them.

Step By Step

Through online courses, books, and in-person training, Timothy walks you through the steps you need to succeed. You'll find the skills you learn from him can be used over and over again in many areas of your life and career.

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