Imagine what kids could accomplish with strong and healthy attitudes

You have invested a lot of time, energy, and money in providing your students a great education. To receive the most out of their education, they also need outstanding mental and emotional skills. Invest in those skills and don't assume they already have them. Studies show that for every dollar you invest in life skills, there is an eleven-dollar return. That is worth investing in!

Kelli Thompson


Elbert D200

“Saving the life of a child makes this program priceless!  Elbert School District is forever grateful for the implementation of the character program, as it was instrumental in bringing to attention a child who was contemplating  suicide.  Without the thoroughness of this program and the depth of thought it walks the adolescents through, this family could have been living with tragedy.  However, instead with the insight and quick action of the teacher, we were able to intervene and forever change the life of this child and his family for the better.”

See change as an opportunity

We teach teens how to see change coming and prepare for it. The students who will lead tomorrow have to know how to deal with change today. We will teach them a clear, effective, and repeatable way to deal with the changes that will be a major part of their lives. Your whole student body can learn how to navigate change proactively.

Prepare the next generation to succeed

Don't assume your students have the life skills necessary to navigate their world successfully. So often, when people struggle or fail, it's because they can't do something, not that they won't.  We have resources that can change the lives of teens and help them become healthy young adults.

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